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Hiking Is Not All About Having Fun

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Everything was fully planned. You have your complete survival gear and you gave the camp a lot of thought. The weather seems very good and perfect for hiking. You can see that ever body is enjoying and you find the trail condition good for the activity. Each member of the group is expecting to have a good story to tell about the hike and can go home safely without facing any hassle. You can sense the positive vibes in each member that they can successfully make it. However, if you are the team-leader, there are things you must have to ponder. These things are the possible situation that may occur while you and your group are trekking in the wilderness. In other words, you must learn to expect the unexpected. What are those situations that your mind have to ponder?

Consider the worst weather scenario. Weather can suddenly turn hazardous which can lead you and your group in dire situation. Most activities usually turns great but you have to think and consider the things that may happen if the situation turns bad. When storms or emergencies suddenly occurs, you must have some plans on how to survive and getting out of the trail without getting lost. Remember that before you travel, you must have prepared a complete items of survival kits. Do not depend to your colleagues and most of all, do not depend to the situation. Any situation can turn bad and worst.

Speaking of the weather, what can you possibly do if it turns bad? Basically, those people who live in the mountainous area does take the weather for granted and as a traveler you should not just rely on that because what you see is not actually what you get. Therefore, before you go, be sure that you have a general planning guideline on the weather forecast. Make sure that everyone in the group brings an enough bad-weather clothes if the weather take a turn for the worst. Being unprepared before going in a hike can make the whole trip miserable and deadly. Beware of hypothermia.

Bringing a first aid kits as a part of your survival gear preparation is a good step before going anywhere. You never know what may happen in one of the member of your group. One of them might get a foot blister and if you have some first aid kits, you can immediately address the need of your colleague. A simple injury though not so life threatening can slow the group from trekking the trail. If all of you has first aid kits, you can urgently cure the injury and continue the journey. In addition, it is also important to bring some emergency shelter, flashlight, water and extra food. If somebody from your group misses a step and sprained his or her ankle, you surely have to wait for the rescue if none from your group can do something to help him. So, consider spending the night in the wilderness and th e emergency shelter would surely help.

Traveling must take extra planning and consideration and that includes a preparation for a complete survival gear. Whatever survival item it is and no matter how unimportant you think it is, still must be consider as essential which someday you will need when the fate is not in your favor.


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